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Healing and Evolving through Deep,
Innovative Psychology


Avanti is a psychologist who specialises in counselling people with anxiety, depression and those going through crisis and transitions whether personally or professionally. 

Avanti has been a registered psychologist since 1999. In that time she has worked across both the community service and corporate worlds. Her unique brand of Psychology aims to help people whether they are in crisis, transition or stagnation. As well as being a registered psychologist she is a certified Deepak Chopra Meditation teacher and Ayurvedic Practitioner. 

Avanti’s personal experience of contending with a rare nervous system disorder and severe scoliosis has been a motivator for her studies into a variety of mind, body and spirit therapies from cognitive-behavioural, psycho-education, skills training to Ayurveda, spiritual and evolutionary practices.

"The vast physical aspects of having these conditions have certainly brought with it many emotional problems for me like depression, anxiety, frustration and anger. In 1999 I decided that it was time to act and do something about my back. My very long journey towards an integrated approach to life began with a huge spinal operation where steel rods and screws were inserted on either side of my thoracic spine, not to improve its 62 degree curve but to keep it from getting worse. This very painful operation took me out of regular life for about six months. After much rehabilitation I was back into life and decided that I would try complementary therapies in order to avoid the use of painkillers. I continued to do my usual trips to my GP and specialists and slowly introduced a myriad of other treatments. I started with Yoga, Bowen therapy and Acupuncture then followed it with organic foods and regular exercise. With none of these practitioners working side by side or consulting each other I decided to keep track of my health via my own ‘Wellbeing folder’. I did so for many years. The years in which I concentrated on being regimented about health definitely helped me but its rigidity moved me away from my intuition as I followed a routine rather than listened to my body. After years in a stable relationship I put myself and my marriage through the gruelling process of IVF in order to have a baby without my genetic conditions. Whilst there were many good things during these years, a lack of connectedness left me feeling very empty and dissatisfied with life. When crisis hit in terms of numerous failed IVF attempts and marital breakdown it hurled me towards a life changing journey.

As I embarked on a new life I took many courses and after one energy healing course I felt major changes to my body, in particular my spine. This very significant time in my life moved me to study integrated approaches to healing and psychology as I noticed that many clients were caught in the same trap as me; changing many unwanted behaviours but making no significant changes to deep beliefs, health or happiness. I searched for holistic, preventative systems and began studying Ayurveda, in particular the oil therapy, Shirodhara as well as spiritual and evolutionary therapies. My approach is being part of a complementary system, that is I aim to liaise closely with GP's, naturopaths, acupuncturists, chiropractors and other health professionals in assisting you through life's twists and turns.

What I have discovered is healthy living is a natural consequence of consciousness, curious enquiry and living your unique purpose. My own unique brand of Counselling and Mentoring at My Prana Portal pushes into this new realm. It is based on principles of spirituality, awareness, balance and how we can use our experiences to transform our life into one of authenticity.