Avanti Singh        Mobile 1300 437 634

Healing and Evolving through Deep,
Innovative Psychology


Avanti has been a registered psychologist since 1999. She uses a combination of cognitive-behavioral and positive psychological strategies for people going through periods of change and crisis as well as for stress, anxiety, fear, anger, grief, depression, infertility and illness. "Counselling and therapies can bring about profound changes in people but nothing truly shifts without changing beliefs and unfolding your deep purpose and desires. I use a myriad of therapies that increase awareness of the patterns and beliefs that are a constant source of problems and obstacles and teach techniques for building new relationships with yourself, others and life." The session treats the person as a whole by using relaxation and stress management techniques for the body and mind as well as skills training for anger and problem solving .

TELESESSIONS ONLY until further notice

Medicare’s Better access to Mental Health means that you may be eligible for a rebate for 10 psychology sessions per year.  You must visit your GP and obtain a referral for psychological services. The plan must have your signature, GP signature and the psychologist name on it.You must bring this plan to your first session with me as well as a valid medicare card and eftpos card.

Private Health Fund rebates available from most major health funds. Please contact your fund to find out whether you receive a rebate for psychological services.

Immediate Rebate Please note that the psychological fee can be paid by cash, eftpos or credit card but rebate can only go into a savings or cheque account.

Cash, Eftpos and all major credits cards accepted (no cheques,Amex, Diners).